Design of public space in Sykhiv, Lviv
Project by: Urban Ideas / RUTHENIA
Project Homepage:
Project location: Sykhiv, Lviv, Ukraine
Design year: 2018
Year Built: competition
Client: Lviv City Council
Awards: II place in architectural competition, 2018
We wanted to create the most humane city square - a plaza filled with large lawns and shade of trees, the freshness of the water of the pedestrian fountain, cozy areas designed for active and peaceful recreation of various residents of Sykhiv.
Our biggest intervention in the long-established space of the Sykhiv center was the tracing of additional paths for people, given the paths that people used to walk every day. This makes it more comfortable and human-oriented. This public space, the perimeter of which is about 600 m, is large even for such a residential area as Sykhiv, so crossing it with convenient pedestrian paths is very important.
Also, the rethinking of this large and somewhat monotonous public space has led us to a new concept of open space, filled with different functions - different ways of using this space. We wanted various activities to take root here, which manifested itself in the appearance of such elements: a pedestrian fountain that allows interactive communication with water, a picnic area framed by large trees, a place for a wooden stage for dancing, singing and other local youth and other only it, a sports cycling and skate area for seniors (12-6 years) and juniors (6-12) visitors.
Functional zoning of public space provides not only green recreation, but also two open spaces: the area in front of the Cultural center Dovzhenko with the opportunity to hold art exhibitions, educational events in the open air, with designer furniture that will characterize this space as innovative and become its emblem, with a pedestrian fountain that will give a feeling of freshness and vivid impressions to residents. And also a smaller area - in front of the building of the sports complex, which will lead further to the sports area and recreation area.
The space should remain free and visible, people will pass through it unhindered, going to their homes, or will stop, attracted by its activities.
The water of the fountain in front of the KOC. Dovzhenko will serve as a mirror in which he will be reflected, the main focus of this space.
The symbols of the renewed public space are a small cover in the form of a concave reflective ovoid, which serves as a shelter from the sun on the square, as well as Sykhiv chip, which will attract visitors to visit this public space from the center of Lviv.
The area is paved with large gray slabs, bordered by darker stripes, emphasizing its scale and proportionality with the neighborhood, as well as a clear planning structure, which we left.

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