Ukrainian open architectural competition for the best project proposal of a secondary school and a preschool educational institution on the territory of the residential district Pid Holoskom in Lviv.

Project by: Urbanideas / RUTHENIA
Project Homepage:
Project location: Lviv, Ukraine
Design year: 2021
Status: competition
Client: Lviv city council
The kindergarten building is designed for 70 children: one nursery group, one inclusive, two regular kindergarten groups. All game rooms are well insulated. Internal communication spaces are significantly increased, so we get additional opportunities for classes with children, for waiting for parents, recreation staff.
The kindergarten building has the largest possible windows to communicate with the environment and protect against overheating with slats and creepers. Plants add to the facades of irregularity and incompleteness - the facade will change with age, like children, and will never be complete, like raising a child.
The vegetation that exists here is partially preserved on the territory of the kindergarten - these fragments of abandoned and wild gardens should serve as fragments of wildlife for young researchers. Also on the territory of the kindergarten there is a sports ground, playgrounds for each group, partly under cover for walking in hot or bad weather, a zone of young naturalists (mini-garden), a circular path that runs through the whole area for cycling or learning the rules traffic, relaxation area for employees.

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