Research project: Urbanideas
Project location: Lviv, Ukraine.
Design year: 2017​​​​​​​
Green links is a concept of creating green connections that will play the role of pedestrian transit, which will combine existing green public spaces, parks and squares with the proposed ones into a single network. This concept is aimed at finding and improving old, sometimes neglected green spaces. And also for the creation of new green connections in places of gaps in the overall structure. This workshop was planned as the development of one of the elements - a specifically localized fragment of the territory, which has the potential to become a new green link. 
The results of the workshop: signaling about the problem and the need for green communications in the city in general; identification of a new link/route; data collection, analysis and visualization of the concept of its design and methods of use; identification of places-entrances to this green connection with the help of architectural intervention (wooden street furniture, sign, landscaping), which will be implemented within the framework of the workshop.
This idea was tested for the first time at a workshop during the MM 2017 in Lviv | Ukraine.

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